Our Mission

Arizonans for Fair Contracting is dedicated to supporting Arizona’s construction industry by advocating for fairness in contracting. Arizonans for Fair Contracting seeks to ensure that the business environment for all members of the construction team is fair and equitable, and that undo financial burden or risk is not placed upon trade contractors and their businesses. Arizonans for Fair Contracting is supported by construction trade associations, construction companies large and small, as well as individual supporters across Arizona.

What We Do

As a grassroots organization, Arizonans for Fair Contracting and its supporters are working to put an end to unfair risk transfer practices in construction contracting, and bring common sense principles to construction law.

Our aim is to keep you informed of legislation regarding this important issue, give you the resources to get involved in the legislative process, and provide supporters throughout Arizona with a unified voice at the Legislature.

Who We Are

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Executive Director

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Steering Committee

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