Event Recap - April 10, 2017

Our Arizonans for Fair Contracting Day at the State Capitol was a complete success!

On April 10 our supporters packed the Senate gallery to show their support for fair contracting and proportional liability. The event began with State Senator Karen Fann introducing the issue and establishing the real importance, and necessity, of proportional liability. In her remarks she stated how this issue is one she understands better than most because of her family’s construction business. She even recognized us as her “extended family,” and numerous legislators took notice of our impressive movement advocating for proportional liability in construction contracts. Additionally, she demonstrated our levels on the House Floor as part of her commitment to “leveling the playing field” for Arizona trade contractors.

Following Senator Fann’s remarks, supporters of Arizonans for Fair Contracting met with their respective legislators and shared their stories and experiences with the shortcomings of current contracting law in regard to indemnity and liability. These meetings proved to be highly valuable as a number of Senator Fann’s colleagues and counterparts in the House of Representatives have offered their support for our cause!

Our momentum continues to grow and we truly appreciate the dedication of our supporters — we could have not come this far without your help!