Open post prevailing wage ordinance

Prevailing Wage Ordinance Stopped

I’m happy to end the week by delivering positive news. The recently proposed Prevailing Wage ordinance was dealt a major setback at the City Council meeting on July 1st. Defeated by a one-vote margin, it may return depending on the results of the upcoming elections in November. But for now we have forestalled the...

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Open post prevailing wage ordinance

Urgent Action: Register Your Opposition to Prevailing Wage Ordinance

Hello, As I mentioned last Friday, thanks in part to your outreach to Phoenix City Council members, the misguided Prevailing Wage ordinance currently under consideration was dealt a brief setback.  However, proponents are not giving up on doing whatever it takes to advance the policy as quickly as possible. It is already back on...

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Oppose HB 2477

Last year, Arizona’s construction industry worked hand in hand with Senate President Karen Fann to pass SB 1271. This landmark legislation established proportional liability in residential construction projects, and brought an end to the inherently unfair risk-shifting practices that Arizona contractors have struggled with for decades. SB 1271 also ensures that homeowners with construction defects...

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Fundraising Reception for President Fann & Speaker Bowers

The Arizonans for Fair Contracting Steering Committee invites you to join them and attend a fundraising reception in honor of Senate President Karen Fann and Speaker of the House Rusty Bowers next Wednesday, November 20th. As we prepare for the 2020 legislative session it is important to show these dedicated leaders how much their...

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CLASC Profile: Senate President Karen Fann

Construction Liability Apportionment Study Committee (CLASC) The Background of the CLASC Arizona contractors have been working with Arizona State Senate President Karen Fann to put an end to overreaching indemnity clauses that hold contractors responsible for the negligence of others. In the 2018 legislative session, Senator Fann successfully passed legislation that formed the Construction...

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